October 29, 2021 Podcast

Introducing Climate Talks


Climate Talks, a new podcast brought to you by Facebook, is a 6-episode series that features Facebook team members, partners, scientists, climate activists and influencers. Climate Talks is hosted by journalist Sophia Li, and each episode takes on sustainability topics from diverse perspectives to explore what the climate crisis asks of each of us. It also investigates the actions we can take to work towards a more sustainable future.

Climate Talks launches November 1st. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. New episodes come out every Monday.



Sophia Li: We asked, what does sustainability mean to you? 

Stefanie Woodward: Such a big question.

Max Santiago: When I think of the word sustainability, I think of mostly the future. 

Marlo Tablante: To me, sustainability is an active word. 

Edward Palmieri: Acting in a way that accomplishes the needs of today…. 

Amanda Gardiner: …without compromising the needs of future generations. 

Sophia Li: To me, sustainability is first and foremost, a relationship. It’s a relationship between us and the natural world that we’re all part of. 

But the way we’re talking about sustainability today, it just isn’t working. So how do we turn apathy into action? We have to change the narrative around sustainability so that we can collectively move through this climate transition with hope.

I’m Sophia Li, and welcome to Climate Talks, a new podcast from Facebook. On this show, talking about the climate is a conversation that everyone is invited to. 

Jade Pryor: Think about the air that we breathe, the lives that you would preserve when you live a sustainable life. 

Sophia Li: Each week, we’re taking on sustainability from a different angle. We’ll hear from Facebook about their initiatives, from youth climate activists about what’s happening on the ground, and leading voices from across the climate movement. And we’ll also hear from you. 

Rob La Grone: You cannot destroy this planet. This is a gift to you. You share it with others. You need to take care of it. 

Max Santiago: It’s kind of our job to give back and do the best we can to keep the things that we’re given on a daily basis. 

Sono Kuwayama: We need to get to a point where we’re actually becoming stewards of the earth. We are a part of it, we’re not outside of it. 

Sophia Li: I’m a journalist, a film director, and a climate optimist. My life’s work is to make talking about the climate more accessible, more digestible, and more human, and I want you to join me. 


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Podcast 20 Mins

Episode 01: What is Sustainability?

Sustainability. It’s a buzzword, it’s a big word. It can mean everything and nothing. But what does “sustainability” even mean today? And does it have the same meaning for everyone? In this episode, host Sophia Li sits down with climate change educator Ariel Maldonado and filmmaker and activist Anya Sastry to discuss what sustainability means

November 1, 2021
Podcast 22 Mins

Episode 02: Water Stewards

Water is one of our most precious resources. If we’re going to make sure there is enough water for future generations to live, we need a revolution in the way we think about and use water. We’ll hear from Todd Reeve, CEO of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, on the work he’s doing to restore and

November 8, 2021
Podcast 27 Mins

Episode 03: Waste Not

What if everything you bought—from your phone to your clothes to your dining room table—was made to be infinitely repaired and remade? Circularity is the essence of nature: resources like water and energy are passed from one organism to the next. It is a process which generates no “waste,” because everything is (re)used. So what

November 15, 2021

2023 Sustainability Report

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